Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Welcome to the first blog post for the Amani Village.   For the past several weeks we have been gathering survey data, talking with banks, lawyers, employers and potential customers.   We've decided to build our first development near the Coast Coconut Farms oil factory.   Many of the employees travel very long distances to get to work and would jump at the opportunity to live closer to their jobs.

This is a picture of the lot we have selected.  It is .9 kilometers from the factory, has beautiful trees and bushes, and has an access road.  It's a peaceful spot at a great price.  Buying land in Kenya can be quite the process.  We'll have several significant hurdles to jump in this project and securing a clean title deed to a plot of land will be the first.


  1. looks like a wonderful spot for a quiet neighborhood! best wishes

  2. hey tailor, great idea...really love it...

  3. All the best guys, this is noble.